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Help your employees beat addictive habits

Over 30% of your employees struggle with substance use or addictive habits. Learn how we can help with the world's most comprehensive, evidence-based solution for addiction treatment.

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Evidence Based — Whole Person — Concierge Engagement

The very best evidenced-based therapy with a combination of app-driven and one-on-one personalized therapy

efficacy rate of computer-assisted therapy versus one-on-one therapist-only approaches
reduction in depression comorbidities
savings within one year
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Anonymous Health’s program helps members get into a healthy rhythm and break their unwanted, addictive behaviors

abstinent or consuming below safe limit
Cost Calculator

The true cost of substance abuse

Tell us about your organization and we’ll show you the financial impact of substance use within your company.

Your total excess costs

Excess cost of lost time
Excess cost of  turnover and training
Additional healthcare costs

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The Anonymous Health whole-person approach to care

No more recovery silos

Anonymous Health Coordinated Concierge Model
Concierge care management

Ongoing, centralized, proactive coordination of the Client Journey

Medication assisted treatment

Medication, in combination with counseling, behavioral therapies, and drug testing, to provide a “whole person” approach to treatment

Teletherapy counseling

Counseling and medical appointments combined with mobile app-based CBT for clinically superior outcomes

Groups and peer support

Online and in-person meeting groups and sponsor relationships to support recovery

Mobile app to support your journey

Engaging weekly “chapters” and daily engagement — based on evidence based practice — strengthen clients on the road to recovery and yield better outcomes

Our clients beat addictions and unwanted habits

Substance use

  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • Nicotine / Tobacco / Vaping
  • Opioids / Painkillers
  • Stimulants (e.g., Adderall, meth, cocaine)
  • Depressants

Unwanted habits

  • Gambling
  • Compulsive Pornography or Sex
  • Compulsive Shopping
  • Mobile Phone / Internet
  • Social Media
  • Video Games
  • TV / Video Streaming

Addictions and unwanted habits exploit the same biological pathways

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