Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect before my intake appointment?

Before your intake appointment, an Anonymous Health employee will contact you via phone and welcome you to the organization. They will ask you a few questions about why you are seeking services, your demographic information, and any other information you think is important for us to know about you. 

If you are coming to us for help with substance or alcohol use, we send you drug screening supplies so you can complete a test on the day of your intake appointment. It's okay to test positive. We are here to help you and won’t judge you for a positive test.

What to expect at my intake appointment?

During your intake appointment with your counselor, they will ask you more questions about the information you provided during your welcome call to get a better understanding of how we can help and make sure we are the program that is best for you.

After the appointment with the counselor, you will meet with a licensed medical provider to review your medical history and determine if medication is appropriate, and if it is, what dose is the best for you.

What to expect after my intake appointment?

After your intake appointments, you will attend individual counseling sessions with your counselor, meet with your medical provider at least once per month, and work with a peer support professional who is also in recovery and is there to help you by utilizing their own experience. You will also have access to daily check-ins through our app, where you can record how you are feeling, any symptoms you are experiencing, and how you are tracking toward achieving your goals.